Here at Your Freedom Land, we don’t offer the “Owner Financing” that other land sellers do. This is primarily for 2 reasons:

  1. When land dealers offer you “owner financing” they typically close through what’s called a “Contract For Deed” which essentially grants you ownership of the property, but it prohibits you from doing just about anything on the property until it’s paid off in FULL. We find that folks typically like to get started building on or improving the property in some way – if that sounds like you, then a Contract For Deed is probably not going to be your best option!
  2. In order to justify carrying the note, land dealers typically mark up the property sometimes as much as 50%! So the $20,000 property you saw an ad for, you may end up paying $30,000 for by the time you’ve paid it off! This is just what they have to do to make sense of it.

In the spirit of finding a solution to these 2 issues, we now have a list of 3rd party financiers who we recommend, who basically get folks unsecured loans for major purchases (like land! 😉 )

That way….

  1. From DAY ONE you own the property, it’s your name on the deed and you can do whatever the heck you want on it!
  2. You pay EXACTLY what is listed and not a penny more.

Below you’ll find the list of lending organizations we recommend. Feel free to browse the different options available and as always, give us a call if you have ANY questions!