The Process:

How does this all work anyway?

We have worked very hard to simplify this process for you, the buyer. Simply choose a parcel you’d like to invest in, and place a $500 refundable down payment with your credit/debit card. From there, we will contact a local title company (typically the same title company who was used to purchase the deal.) and they will handle the transaction from there.

How do I know there aren’t any liens or encumbrances (such as back taxes) against the property?

We close every property through a title company. So that you don’t have to take our word for it! The title for the property you purchase will be fully insured.


Who handles closing costs?

We pay for all closing costs, taxes, and and title fees on the front end. Closing costs therefore (on the back end) are up to the buyer. This is considered in the way we price our property. 


Do I need an attorney/real estate agent?

No. The title company will draft up all the necessary legal documents.


The Properties:

Why are these properties so cheap? Is there something wrong with them?

A great question! We go to great lengths to find sellers who are motivated to sell, so we want to pass on those savings to you, the buyer. It makes more sense for us to sell you a property that you can turn around and make a profit on, so that you’ll come back and buy some more! 😉


Can I get more information on a property?

The information you see, is all the information we have! We make sure there isn’t a reason NOT to buy a property, but that’s about it. Truth be told, if we knew every last detail about these properties we’d probably be selling them for much more. Our buyers generally discover things about the properties after they buy, that end up making them a lot more money than we made selling it to them!


What can I do/build on the property? Restrictions? Livestock?

Every property is different, however we generally buy unrestricted properties. ALWAYS confirm usage rights with the county Planning & Zoning before purchasing a property.


Can I go out and look at the property?

Absolutely! You can do so any time. We do business nation-wide and thus (regrettably) will not be there to show you around. Most properties are undeveloped and therefore do not yet have a physical address. To remedy this, we have provided an embedded google map on every property. In addition, there are GPS coordinates on every listing that you can copy and paste into any map service, and that will take you directly to the property!


Is financing available?

We are partnered with various financing institutions that can provide financing for you. We find this is typically a better option for you because don’t have to mark the price up super high to finance it, PLUS the property immediately gets put into your name this way, instead of the traditional owner-financed “contract for deed” that doesn’t allow you do anything on the property until it’s paid off in full.