About Us

When we say we’re about Freedom, we mean it.

Your Freedom Land proudly stands behind the International Network of Hearts. An organization dedicated to providing relief, recovery and FREEDOM to sex trafficked children. We have pledged to give 20% of all our profits to this incredible organization, and we are so grateful to have the opportunity to do so. For more information, click the link to go to their website:

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About The Owner

Caleb Fowler is obsessed with Freedom. He believes we were called to live a life of freedom, and so it is his mission to help as many people as possible, to bring about more freedom in their life. Whether that be through financial freedom via investing in raw land, or the physical freedom it brings, and everything in between.

From the owner

“I believe that it is our God-given mission and duty to love people, and bring others into the life of freedom that we were called to live. I’ve always wanted to own land for myself, and love the freedom that it brings. I quickly realized how difficult the land-buying process can be, (depending on who you work with) so I decided to set out to help as many people as I can, in purchasing the land they deserve.

Freedom is my favorite word. Because we have big goals, and big dreams here at Your Freedom Land; We believe in living life to the very fullest. Buying land is a big step, that’s why I want to make sure that every piece of land we sell, is the right one for the buyer. We have no desire to sell you something that’s not going to be the best fit for you!

We would be honored to help you find Your Freedom Land.

Checkout this blog post we wrote with some more information about who we are!